Featured in the Media Series: Spirit of Hope Farm

Feature: Spirit of Hope Farm/ Kathleen Devlin aka Tuka
Article Title and Link: Spirit of Hope Urban Farm: Filling Food Pantries, Strengthening Communities in Detroit
Media and Author: Natural Home and Garden Magazine/ Kelli B. Kavanaugh
Date: Sept/Oct 2011
Snippet:  She started her first community garden in 1987 and has since gardened in several Detroit neighborhoods. She was inspired to build the Spirit of Hope garden through volunteer work she did far from her hometown, in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “After Katrina hit, I went down to help and wound up being a first responder,” Devlin says. “For a few years, a couple of my friends and I would go down for extended stays and help out. We formed a nonprofit with some other relief workers called United Peace Relief. After a couple years, my friends and I started to notice that New Orleans and Detroit look a lot alike. We made a commitment to come back to Detroit and help people at home,” she says.


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