Natural Hair and the Farm

By Mrs. Brother Nature

I struggle with my hair, a lot. It is thick and wavy; it would be easier to manage if it were more curly and damn is it always dry. So it is in the hopes that you will have an easier time of it than I do, that I tell you about all the things I have learned about hair, especially in regards to maintenance while working the land.

  1. Be happy to be nappy! If you are trying to get your curly hair to stay straight and smooth despite sprinklers regularly blasting you and July humidity melting you, its simply an expensive, time consuming, losing game. If you haven’t already accepting your kinks do so, it will give you great freedom.sheep 1
  2. Get a hair care routine. I will put up links to some youtube channels that I have found informative and supportive. Curly hair is dry because the sebum (oils produced by your scalp) cannot simply slide down your hair shaft, it must twist and turn down. That is why you need to figure out how to keep it moist; moist, not juicy or greasy cause working the land makes you sweat therefore, whatever you have put on your hair is going to drip into your eyes and work its way into your pores. Some people use the LOC method; liquid (water or some water aloe vera juice solution), oil (avocado, almond, olive are the most common), and cream (shea butter or coconut oil) applied to the hair in that order. Some people use the LCO method liquid, then cream and finally oil applied to the hair in this order. The fact is, water is the best hydrator and you seal it into the hair by coating the strands with something based on your hydration needs.
  3. Change your routine with the seasons. Humectants that absorb water for the summer when air is humid and protective hairstyles that cover the delicate ends of your hair in fall and winter. Perhaps more frequent co washing (washing with conditioner instead of shampoo) in the summer but less frequent shampooing accompanied by deep conditioning in the winter? Of course though, only you can really figure out the mysterious winning combination of washing, wet combing, dry styling, oils and creams etc that will work for you.sheep 4
  4. Be patient with your self. Everything takes time; 28 days from direct seeding radishes until harvest, but sometimes they are ready in 25 days or not until 32 days later. You don’t trip out and rip out the rows after 7 days so don’t expect to have it all figured out 5 minutes ago either. But even if you do lose your shit, like I have done a coupla times, and cut it down to the scalp you will probably look good, might learn some things, and will definitely enjoy the freedom.
  5. If all else fails do a protective style and wrap it up with a colorful scarf. Covering your hair has other benefits besides saving you the trouble of styling; it keeps the drying sun and wind off your hair, it gives the strands a holiday from over manipulation and hand-always-in-hair-syndrome which cause breakage, and scarves help coordinate outfits.

In conclusion; try to keep yourself and your hair hydrated, wear scarves and protective styles, get some resources to inspire and educate, and try to enjoy the journey.

Hair vlogs and inspiration from youtube:

  • black onyx -so much helpful stuff and she makes and sells her own products
  • naptural85- at home recipes, product trials but leave them damn curlformers alone they might break your edges off, giveaways
  • woman in the jungle -she has a nice scarf tying video
  • lovelyanneka – at home recipes but lately mostly makeup stuff
  • Chime Edwards-The history of Black hairLinks to Natural Hair products:
  • Alikay naturals and black onyx products

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